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Exploring Flavor: Recapping Our Recent Brunch Events at Hotel Boutique Villa del Marqués

At Hotel Boutique Villa del Marqués, every brunch is an opportunity to delight the senses and offer a unique gastronomic experience. Let's take you through a recap of our most recent events, where exquisiteness meets elegance in every bite.

Palate-Pleasing Delights

Our selection of cheeses with aromatic herbs and rose-shaped charcuterie is the perfect starting point. Pair it with hummus and gourmet bread with cereals, raisins, and nuts to explore a variety of flavors that captivate from the first moment.

Flavors that Leave a Mark
From croissants filled with Norwegian smoked salmon to Iberian ham toasts with grated natural tomato and EVOO, each dish is a culinary masterpiece. Pancakes with banana, caramel syrup, and pomegranate crunch, along with a skewer of seasonal fruits, transport our diners to a world of delights.

Choice of Main Courses
The stars of our brunches are the main courses, each designed to satisfy the most discerning tastes. From the classic Eggs Benedictine Marqués style to a tempting crispy taco with shredded meat, pico de gallo, and pineapple air, the choice is yours.

Perfect Pairing
Each bite is accompanied by the perfect drink, whether it's a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice that enhances freshness or a glass of cava that elevates the experience. Combined with the cozy ambiance of our hotel, it provides the perfect backdrop to enjoy this culinary experience.

Immerse Yourself in the Experience
The price for this unforgettable experience? Only €30 per person. To capture the essence of our brunch events, we invite you to explore more photos on our social media. At Hotel Boutique Villa del Marqués, we strive to create culinary moments that go beyond the table. We hope you join us for the next event and discover a new world of flavors!

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